Custom Machining

CNC precision machining capacity used for manufacturing both custom and standard components.

We utilize the latest multi-tasking machines for custom machining including multiple spindle, multiple turret and Swiss Type.

Custom Machining CNC
The Zeiss Vast CNC
is one we use for
custom machining.

CNC Specific Services
Our CNC custom machining services include: gear fabrication, lathe machining, vertical milling, 5-axis milling, Swiss Type turning, cylindrical grind, horizontal milling and multi-pallet robot.

Other Specialties
Some of our other custom machining specialties include: Wire EDM, hone, precision gear fabrication, gear hobbing, gear shaping, bevel gear cutting, Zeiss, internal gear broaching, laser welding, heat treating and passionating.

State-of-the-Art Machining Systems
We are proud to use the following equipment and systems for custom machining: Zeiss Contura Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Brown and Sharp Coordinate Measuring Machine, (CMM), PECo Next Dimension 300 Gear Analyzer, Micro Vu Vertex Vision System, Multiple Starrett Optical Comparators with Digital Readout, TESA Scanner, PECo Dual Flank Test Roll Checker, Micro Check Dual Flank Test Roll Checkers, Multiple Vari-Roll Dual Flank Test Roll Checkers and a Mitatoyo Toolmakers Microscope with Digital Readout. Comprehensive reports are compiled with Inspection Xpert software for First Article Reports.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
Quality Management

Quality Control - Highly Qualified Inspection Department
For over 40 years, quality has driven Gear Suppliers. Today, we incorporate the latest inspection techniques and a continuous improvement program to ensure the quality standards are maintained at the highest levels. We operate under an ISO 9001 certified quality management system. Our stringent quality control environment of our highly qualified inspection department starts at the operator level so that any inconsistencies can be discovered early in the process.

Precision Screw Machine Work
To supplement our extensive primary capacity, we have installed flexible, high-speed secondary machines to provide fast responses to customer requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards.

All required fixturing is designed and manufactured in house.

We work with a vast variety of materials including:
·  All stainless steels incl. all types of 300 Series & 400 Series
·  All types of aluminum
·  A wide variety of ceramic
·  Exotics Metal Materials include: Titanium, all types of Nitronic, Inconel, Stellite, M-50, BG42, Tungsten, Waspaloy, Hasteloy and Cobalt
·  All Types of Exotics Plastics: PEEK, PTFE, Nylon, Acetals, Polycarbonates, Ultems, Polyurethane, Rubber and Polyimide / Amide

Call us at: (408) 472-1525 for low pricing and questions about custom machining.